Introduction Area of Etnobotany Museum (Munasain)

Bogor, West Java
Project Started:
Building Area:
2.000 m2

These are revitalization project of National Nature Museum in Bogor.
The existing building function as a laboratory, with layouts of an office/classroom with corridor in the middle of the building.

The introduction area are on the ground floor, joint with lobby and also a small theatre. A large existing meeting room and a temporary exhibition area would also be preserved.
The first part of the storyline are all about the history of the Indonesian nature in connection with the old world trading, that is spices, to the establishment of research laboratory and the botanical garden in Bogor. The second part tells general story of the evolution of the world to the natural world we know today.

The idea was to fit the large content of the storyline inside a single floor, make an impactful presentation in the intro area, while preserving the structure of the interior.
We propose to take down the limiting class-like wall, forming a new, continuous labyrinth pathway, creating an extended route housing the storyline.
Contrasting the formal grid structure archetype of the interior, the route is superfluous, organic and continuous wall to place the presentation, inviting the visitor to enter the world of natural history inside the museum with its massive collection.