Inspiratio Indonesia is an architecture, interior design and planning consultant firm based in Jakarta. Founded in 2011, Inspiratio Indonesia’s team is led by registered professional architect with recognized experience in built-architecture and quality-driven service.

We believe that architecture is a poetic expression through form and space, as one of the strongest tool to create a memorable experience.
With creative and idealistic minds toward exploration of each potential, our design reflects sensibility - contextuality - high responsiveness to culture, environment, and compatible to the end-user’s modern living requirements.

Inspiratio Indonesia provides many areas of design service, from the stages of conceptual ideas, schematic design, design development, construction drawing, details and specifications, to final stage of site-periodical-supervision.
Working closely with our clients, partner experts such as builders, engineers & suppliers, we believe that our holistic approach yields the best result in delivering our clients’ visions into reality.


Laras Magazine 300, November 2015

Laras Magazine 300

November 2015

Laras Magazine 274, October 2011

Laras Magazine 274

October 2011

You & Home Magazine Vol I/2010

You & Home Magazine

Vol I/2010

HGTV (Indonesia Inspiring Home)

Eps. 1 / 2018


What are the services that you provide?

Our design services include assistance to clients to define their needs through conceptual scheme all the way to construction drawings, and if needed, until periodical site supervisions during project construction.

How do we get started?

The first step is gathering all informations about the project, that is finding about your needs, informations about the site, (i.e : location, boundaries, regulations), also about the schedule and budget. It is best to know everything about the project beforehand to understand its challenges and opportunities.

How early in the planning process should I get an Architect involved?

The earlier the better. Architects can help a client come to a firm understanding of their needs and how to achieve their end goals from project inception all the way through move-in. They can even be involved in post-occupancy evaluations to help determine whether or not the finished project achieved the desired goals.

How long will it take to complete a project?

Depends on many factors, including the scale of the project, are the clients available to meet regularly and will they make timely decisions. For houses it's generally take 3 months to complete a design.

Can you also carry out constructions, or help me find a contractor?

We are a design consultant thus not specialized in building the project, but we work closely with qualified & competent contractors, and can highly recommend them to our clients.

Can you provide an accurate project cost estimate?

After all design phases are finished, we usually recommend our clients to use a Quantity Surveyor to get an accurate cost estimation. They can provide an efficient and thorough budgetary analysis to arrive at an accurate estimated project cost at various stages of the project’s development.

Do you have experience with sustainable design?