Bangka 99C House

Kemang, South Jakarta
Project Started:
Building Area:
373 m2
Site Area:
880 m2

A big renovation task was conducted in 2014, when a loyal client wanted to refurbish the big house in a family compound in a serene and green area of Kemang. The house was built in the 1970s, an old house with large roof structures, big openings and large verandahs overlooking the immense garden with shady big trees. The architect was asked to review the function of each room, to adjust it to designated new function, as well as to refurbish the interior of the house without changing the major structure.

To make the building more simple and modern, a few layer of eaves are dismantled and then replaced by glass roof over terraces as additional protection from heavy rain and to keep an easy maintenance of the building. The main roof structure stays in its original saddle and rectangular pyramid (limasan) form, while its following eaves are widen and perfected in solid wood finishes.

In order to refurbish the interior that was deficient due to the old low ceiling and old finishes, the old ceiling is dismantled to expose the hidden wood structure. The new wooden ceiling is raised right below the roof, exposing the beauty of the wood structure, giving a twist of modern-country to the interior whilst allowing more natural daylight and natural airflow into the house. Old floor tiles such as the old marble gets repolished, and old ceramic tile is replaced by a new granite tile to get a fresher look. The renovation gives the home a new spirit, a fresh yet modern touch to the existing structure to lastly sustain as a modern tropical home.

Later in 2021, this house is utilized as part of Taman Bermain Kepompong (the kindergarten) by the owner.