Cilandak Houses

Cilandak, South Jakarta
Project Started:
Building Area:
897 m2
Site Area:
721 m2

The client, 3 sisters with design background, asked to develop 3 houses for each in a plot of land located in a housing complex with lush greeneries. There is a problem, unfortunately, as the cit planned for a new road at one of its perimeter.

We turned the problem into advantage by utilizing the road plan into common areas, as well as adjoining circulation to the 3 houses. The car parks, security and service area are pooled at the front of the site, and a gated portal is made as housing entrance that leads to the circulation area. This way the project could built according to the city planning regulations, whilst maintaining its privacy through buffered and gated area. At the same time maximizing the open areas into greeneries, ponds and children playground.

The buildings itself is small and slender, with playful clean geometry, and using local materials to create a contemporary houses. It is designed to optimise light and airflow into the house using glasses in the north-south walls. The floor plans are expanded by utilizing the pitched roof into mezzanine area, and roof top into barbecue area.