Doberai Eco Resort

Urai, Raja Ampat
Project Started:
Building Area:
1.757 m2
Site Area:
32.000 m2

Doberai Eco Resort is a water resort located in an island called Urai, with distance about 20 minutes by speedboat from Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat district, a mecca for world divers in Indonesia. The island is a dense tropical rainforest with white sand beach along its edges, offering a breathtaking view to the bay with calm water and lush coralscape. The client wanted this water resort to be built with local worker, construction and materials, to carefully mantain the richness of natural biodiversity of the island and sorrounding sea.

The main entrance to the resort is a long jetty with diving gear station, which is located slighty far on eastern part of the island, in order to let the guests walk through the forest before entering the resort's main area. Standard rooms and restaurant are in the center area with the longest white sand beach, while the suite rooms are in the most tranquil beach on the west side. A viewing deck is put on the top of tallest rocky hill for people do bird-watching, trekking, and enjoy the sight overlooking the whole part of the island.

Buildings are built on shallow water and placed as close as possible to the shore line, to maintain the existing coral. All of them are constructed in rapidly arranged local hardwood columns to withstand strong winds, tatched roof and local braided wall and door panels. High pitched roof and braided walls allow the heat to escape easily during daylight, and cool the buildings with sea breeze in the night.

With the design approach that is based on local wisdom, hopefully this water resort will sustain as an eco-friendly building that as well to support the local community, not only to serve the coming guests with comfort while exploring the island and the seas of Raja Ampat.

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