Museum Batik Indonesia

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, South Jakarta
Project Started:
Building Area:
5.900 m2

This is the winning scheme of a national competition held by the Indonesian Architect Association and Indonesian Ministry of Education & Culture.

The basic idea is a museum that would act more than a container for the collections, but also as the content of the museum itself. A museum which could tell the story about Batik through building forms and spatial experiences.

We translate each steps of the making of Batik Tulis into its essential graphic form, and sequentially applied on the top of the museum in the form of roof shapes and skylight as means for the building to tell its stories.

The museum is a linear box, slanted & elevated from the ground with one side touch the ground to accommodate entrance. The box is then folded and twisted to fit the irregular shape of the site, making it and the plaza below integrated well with other museums in the complex.