Santo Yusup School

Mutiara Gading City, North Bekasi
Project Started:
Currently Under Construction
Building Area:
7.739 m2
Site Area:
5.000 m2

This kindergarten and primary school would be the only educational facility in this large residential complex in Bekasi. The school itself is a subsidiary of an old Catholic education institution in Malang with the same name. The developer asked us to design a highly efficient building, but also flexible for future developments.

The building is designed to give a dynamic spatial experience for the students, to create a fun atmosphere and relaxing learning environment, which would develop them in their studies. The building is a metaphor of a large bookcase, that would serve the community with knowledge.

We propose an informal main entrance that passes through a dense greeneries, which would deliver the students to a plaza of trees, that also serve as the building orientation. The classes are arranged to minimize the use of air conditioning by creating wind tunnels,and oriented to maximize natural lighting.