Museum Song Terus

Pacitan, Central Java
Building Area:
3.900 m2

3rd Place in IAI Nasional Competition Winner

Song (cave) Terus is one of the hundreds archeological caves in Pacitan. The brief asked for an archeology museum for displaying prehistoric fossil bones and artefacts, research and conservation, in an ex-plantation plot beside the cave, surrounded by district roads and is contoured.

The idea is to create a space that not only contain the informations, research and conservation activities, but could also introduce the world of archeology to the visitors. As with archeology, the concept is to dig the site, to find informations, so we chose to burry the museum underground. Thus the view from the main road would just be an almost flat meadows with square holes that also acts as an inner court for the space below. The main entrance is just a Joglo style pavilion, so the new, large museum would not interrupt the view to the cave and out of place with the village surroundings.

From the entry, visitors are invited to go below the ground, where they slowly see the local red marble clad building figure as they reach the underground plaza. The plaza then take the visitors to the main museum display area, where they would follow the layout storyline through a series of chambers, until the journey reach the finish line, that is a plaza overlooking to the cave.