Sukamulya Cricket Park

Desa Sukamulya, Kab. Bogor
Project Started:
Cricket Tribune:
1.050 m2
Cricket Hotel:
7.375 m2
Master Plan:
29.937 m2

The remotely located slightly-30-hectares of land with beautiful contour and mountain view is initially designed as a cricket park, with programming consists of 4 major areas ; the cricket field, the hotel & villas, the outbound area, and the functions.

The cricket field is prioritizely located at the flattest area of the site, to accommodate around 300 persons as players and viewers. The Joglo (javanese traditional house) inspired tribune building at the south side of the field is designed with wide-span-structure for a maximum clearance sight to cricket games.

The hotel and villas are designed at the countoured zone, providing higher view to the green surrounding. It is an athlete hotel, with double single-bed bedrooms with balconies, an olympic-size swimming pool, outdoor eating area and meeting rooms. Except bedrooms, all rooms are purposely made outdoor so guest can enjoy the mountain fresh air.

The outbound area consists of camping area, flying fox, and ATV vehicle, is located at the forest area. Function building, mosque, management building and parking-lot are all at the most front of the site for prompt serving of coming guest.

Buggy-car-path links all the building zones, to let people easily mobile from one building to another, while enjoying the air, the greenery, and the remarkable view to mountains.