Taman Bermain Kepompong

Kemang, South Jakarta
Project Started:
Building Area:
944 m2
Site Area:
2367 m2

Taman Bermain Kepompong, a prominent kindergarten that is located in Kemang area, requires a major renovation prior to relocation of the site. The new site is a unification of several plots of land, that linearly stretches from the main street to a pocket-like area at the back, away from road. The new site, with 3 existing house buildings, makes a perfect scheme for ‘learning at home’ concept of the school. Serene and full of greeneries, it is an appropriate ground for the aimed programming of the school, that requires a large amount of outdoor playground area instead of indoor classroom for motoric and physical activities of the children.

The first building, the nearest one to the road, is to accommodate the toddler classroom and the administration office. The setback area between this building and the road is utilized as the parking area, that also acts as noise and dust control from nearby road. New wide roof is applied to this building, and the main corridor marked with red coloured structure to give the user a sense of awareness and spatial experience while walking around from one building to another, whilst provides protection from harsh sunlight of the summer and heavy rain of the rainy season.

The second and third building that are located at the back site accommodating the playgroup classroom, kindergarten classrooms, and the foundation’s office. Sorrounded by the immense garden and shady trees, it is an oasis with abundant breeze and sunlight to all rooms and playgrounds at the area. All classrooms are intentionally conditioned to have natural cross ventilation, natural daylight, and their own private bathroom and private storage. Big wooden windows with mosquito-net finishes, ceiling-fans attached at all classrooms’ high ceiling, natural tones of paint and natural wood finishes are applied in all interior and exterior area. Like a big canvas, the natural toned buildings subtly juxtaposed with colourful properties, supporting a joyous yet calm and creative nature of playing-learning activities of this kindergarten.