Tanjung Mas House

Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta
Project Started:
Building Area:
287 m2
Site Area:
200 m2

This is a reinterpretation of a kampong house, equipped with environmental features to accommodate modern style living is the closest definition of this house.

Once we enter the main door, a large living area incorporating seating, swimming pool & lush hanging vertical garden is welcoming as one open area where the perimeter walls are the only boundaries. Rough floors and walls make the inside feel like outside, or else outside is inside.

The main building is a rectangular form oriented east - west to allow much light enter the rooms, as well to protect it from harsh sunlight during the dry season. Rustic finishes like red brick, stones, wood, and clay tiles, make this house rich with sense of locality, kampong-like atmosphere with contemporary sense.

The most interesting feature of the house is the greywater recycling system and how it captures rainwater into main groundwater tank. The filtered greywater water and rainwater are then circulated for everyday use to avoid excessive use of well supply. With the system client hope that this house is not only become a green oasis, but also sustained & contribute to Jakarta's better living environment.