West Java Art & Cultural Centre (WJACC)

Bandung, West Java
Building Area:
22.000 m2

Finalist in IAI West Java Competition

WJACC would be the representative theatre in West Java. The brief asked for a 1500 seats Main Theatre, and three small size (300 seats) theatre, with facilities including galleries, workshop, retails & supporting facilities for performers.

Inspired by one of the most iconic West Java dance, Tari Merak, the building envelope take shape of a movement in the dance, in which the performer spread her shawl as a personification of a peacock unfolding its tail. Inside the container are the main and supporting theatre, shaped in curves as an embodiment of the shawl movement.

The roots of performing arts is folk performance, performed at squares, streets, or crossroads, either as rituals or entertainments. To accomodate & develop this, the building is positioned further behind & combined with only 30% of building footprint, making way of a larger plaza to be used by folk group performers.